About Me

Hello everyone!

My friends call me Pagli. I am 30 years old and I am English raised in Spain.

I did everything that I was supposed to do, I went to University and 13450732_10157076117455441_5409697991419510823_ngot myself a degree in Business, after that I found a job in Finance, as an Auditor and worked in that field for five years. I wasn’t happy and one day I realised that if that was the way I was feeling I should do something about it! What bugged me the most was that I felt the finance world was very inhuman, so much work, so many hours and so much stress all focused on a piece of paper… I realised I wanted to be involved with the people, with the world, because let’s face it life is amazing once you look beyond a laptop…

So the day came and I resigned, my aim was to travel the world and that has been what I have been doing for the last year and a half!

I have visited several countries (The Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and currently I am in New Zealand) but the one that got me was India, its culture, the people, the smiles, the reality… I stayed in India almost a year where I have been volunteering and travelling, so I have many stories to tell!

I love taking pictures of the places I’ve seen and people I’ve met.

So, I invite you all to follow my blog where I will share my experiences and what I have lived so far!